There are currently two types of shower mixers on the market: the classic models and the thermostatic models. The latter are very trendy and are suitable for whirlpool showers. In the collection, the whirlpool shower mixer does not have a swivel handle, but has two separate controls to regulate the temperature and water flow rate. The whirlpool shower mixer is a little more expensive than the classic model, but has many advantages.

A guarantee of comfort

For the classic mixer, it is turned manually to obtain the desired flow rate and temperature. With a whirlpool shower mixer, your needs will be met to the millilitre and the degree. To increase the temperature, simply press the button and the other button will be used to adjust the water flow. During the shower, there is no risk of sudden temperature changes. The water will be directly at the temperature you want as soon as it flows. Neither the flow rate nor the pressure will have any effect on this temperature. If someone were to shower after you, they will not have to adjust the temperature, as it will be stored for a few minutes.

A safety feature

By choosing a whirlpool shower mixer, you can limit the risk of burns in the shower. Indeed, you will not have to do several tests to get the ideal temperature and flow rate. The control knob will allow you to have directly the temperature your body can withstand. Some models even have a temperature limiter, so that even if you make a mistake, you won't get burned. For the elderly and children, this limiter device, which is often blocked at 38 °C, is simply a safety feature. This can only be advantageous for everyone.

Saving you money

If you choose a conventional mixer tap, to find the ideal temperature, you have to let the water run for a certain period of time. This is simply a waste of water. With a whirlpool shower mixer, there is no more room for this waste: the first drops of water will be directly at the temperature you have indicated. If during your shower you want to adjust the temperature, you won't have to run the water to reach this new temperature either. Some models are equipped with a flow limiter system, which will save you even more on water consumption. There are also those that have an infrared control, which will make the water flow by a simple hand movement. Even if you have soap in your eyes, you won't have to look for it to turn the faucet on or off. Once you have installed your whirlpool shower mixer, it will need to be well maintained to ensure it works properly and to extend its life. To do this, it will have to be cleaned after each use and even if you want to have a nickel mixer, avoid using ammonia, acetate and abrasive products.