Equipment and maintainance

The steam plant: a sure value to take care of your clothes!

If you are used to ironing clothes for the whole family, the steam plant is the equipment you are most likely to like. A steam plant is the ideal way to take care of your clothes. With this type of…

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The upright vacuum cleaner is becoming more and more popular in french households

Upright vacuum cleaners, although less powerful and less autonomous in terms of energy than conventional canister vacuum cleaners, are unanimously accepted by households. How can we explain this success, and what are the real advantages of the upright vacuum cleaner?…

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Robot vacuum cleaner: how much does a reliable product cost?

Robotic vacuum cleaners are more and more accessible nowadays. Indeed, these devices have become indispensable gadgets in the home to reduce the time spent on cleaning. But how much do you need to buy a quality model? What is a…

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Focus on the trend for whirlpool shower mixers: the advantages

There are currently two types of shower mixers on the market: the classic models and the thermostatic models. The latter are very trendy and are suitable for whirlpool showers. In the collection, the whirlpool shower mixer does not have a…

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The steam oven finds more and more its place in french kitchens.

Nowadays, many households have turned to the steam oven. This is due to the fact that they are easy to use and offer countless advantages. But what is a steam oven? Why do French kitchens love this new appliance? Read…

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