For the atmosphere and comfort in your home, the lighting should be adapted to the characteristics and purpose of each living room. The choice of lighting takes into account several parameters such as the intensity of the light, the types of lighting, the nature of the light delivered by the luminaires...

Powerful lighting

Powerful lighting is essential for certain rooms in the house. This kind of lighting is suitable for the kitchen, for example. It is indeed a place of work for preparing meals. To ensure that tasks in the kitchen run smoothly, you need to choose your luminaires so that there is little or no shade. The lighting power must be adapted to the dimensions of the room. This way, the kitchen is well lit and the temperature is pleasant and adequate. The owner has the choice between a ceiling light or a suspension light. A wall light is also an excellent choice. This is a rectangular, square or timelessly designed light to be inlaid in the walls. These lamps provide both optimal lighting and excellent illumination. It makes sense to choose energy-saving luminaires including LEDs.

Cold light for effort and concentration

Cold light is excellent for certain rooms in the house, including the office. We are talking about bluish light, with all its possible variations. This type of light maintains alertness and concentration. It is also not aggressive to the eyes. It can be used as uniform ambient light or as functional light with a well-targeted beam, i.e. directed towards a particular work area. A desk lamp should be installed for this purpose. The room itself will have a specific ambient light, which may well be a warm light. It all depends on the individual's preferences. Choosing luminaires for optimal concentration and for more energy in the performance of one's tasks means giving preference to cold light.

Warm light for relaxation and renewed vitality

Warm light is white light comparable to sunlight. It is also a red or orange luminosity allowing relaxation and rejuvenation. This type of light is suitable for the bedroom, living room, baby's room and even for the shower. It is indeed a light that calls for relaxation, rest and letting go. Choosing luminaires so that they emit a warm light is to maintain the joy of life and renewed vitality. Under no circumstances does this imply a high temperature or an urgent need for air conditioning in the room. An orange or bluish light is indicated for the living room. The choice of colour will depend on the colour of the furniture. For the bedroom, a warm, subdued light should be chosen. In any case, a cold light from a bedside lamp is always useful, especially for people who like to read a little before going to sleep.