The exterior appearance of the house is very important. Passers-by and neighbours will be able to judge you by this appearance visible to all. Even if you have chosen famous designers for your interior decorations, the external appearance of your home should not be minimized. Rendering is one of the criteria that can help you effectively. In order for everything to be perfect, it is useful to take into account various important elements.

What is roughcast?

After the coat of plaster comes the rendering. On the outside of your house, the walls face many problems. Bad weather, dust, snow, ... everything happens in a year. Plastering is one of the ideal techniques to provide the protection your walls need. Even with very heavy rain, not a single drop of water will get through to your walls. To increase sound insulation, plaster can also be used. Your privacy will be protected. In addition to its protective role, this type of material is very ideal to improve the look of your home. You will thus have the opportunity to give it a new lease of life. Plaster can be adapted with many different materials. Whether it is on a concrete, stone or brick wall, with the right amount of plaster, the restoration will always be very effective.

The different types of plaster

Not everyone has the same taste when it comes to decorating the house. Some like fairly simple styles and others prefer a more classy or sophisticated look. Thanks to plaster, it is possible to satisfy everyone's requirements. It is a very effective decorative tool to embellish your wall. Whether it is for style or colours, the choices are varied when it comes to decorating with plaster. The aspect obtained depends on the way you used to apply your plaster. You can obtain several forms of plaster. With the use of a trowel, you can obtain a very smooth wall, it will be the floated plaster. The satisfaction of people looking for simplicity is achieved. For a more granular style, opt for the use of a zip line. The result will be perfect. If you are interested in other styles, there is also scraped plaster and many others. So you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a plaster. It's up to you to imagine the styles that suit you.

How do you apply the plaster?

For a better effect, several criteria must be taken into account when applying your plaster. The facade should not be restored at any time. At an inappropriate time, you may encounter problems. At extreme temperatures, be it heat or cold, breaks may occur. It is therefore important to choose the right time for this kind of work. Precipitation won't help, take your time to achieve your goal. Before carrying out tasks with plaster, it is ideal to prepare the work surface well. In case of repairs, never forget to treat the old wall layers in advance.