Novaro was born and brought up in France at a place known as Antibes but later moved to Biot. He learnt glass art from a young age and grew up understanding how art impacted livelihoods. explains his life and career in art and how his works shape contemporary artists, especially those in glassware arts.

As a “Master of Glasses”, he came up with numerous glass products, among them bottles, lamps and vases. His immense contribution saw him recognised by the Guinness World Record as the first Glass Master to produce the largest collection of Art Glasses.

Human Figures

They feature prominently among Navaro’s art works as it was his way of relating to modern art. He made them in different positions, from standing, sitting, squatting and doing some activities. His mastery of colours gave him an upper hand as his art pieces were well thought through and represented different personalities.

Some of his priced human figure collections include “Apparently Unsigned A Huge Floor Standing (1990), Großer Clown (2006), San Titre (1994) and “A Seated Figure” (1997). Most contemporary art borrows from this approach, especially those using glass as raw material. His glass arts feature in renowned art museums worldwide and are used as reference in modern art.


Navaro’s vases are the largest in his collection and come in different colours. Since they did not need too much customisation, he created assorted and unique glass vases. He has one of the most extensive glass vase collections globally, which earned him a place in the Guinness World Record book.

He didn’t name most is his vases as he produced in huge volumes. However, any glass art exhibition you visit in Europe cannot miss Navaro’s masterpieces. Notable pieces include Three Decanters (1987), Flacon en Verre Souffie (1994), Vase de Forme Ovoide (2007) and Großer Flakon mit Stopfen (2007).


With over 50 years of artistic experience, Novaro participated in numerous exhibitions in Europe and the world. He was prominent in France, with over 11 galleries stocking his pieces. His first art gallery and exhibition in France was at the Place des Arts Gallery in Montpellier in 1984.

He graced other art galleries such as the Glass Museum in Sars-Poteries, Glass and Crystal Museum in Meisentahl and Rouen Cathedral. Others include Biot Tourist Office, Maison Flotte Unterliden Museum and the Decorative Arts Museum in Paris. In Monaco, he was at the House of Latin America from December 2009 into January 2010 for an Art exhibition.

Novaro also graced the world stage with various art galleries scattered around Europe, the Middle and the Far East, and the United States of America. In Belgium, he showcased his art at the Museum of Liege and Charleroi. Denmark also was home to one of his art expos at the Ebeltof Glass Museum.

The United States was also one of his favourites, with art exhibitions in California (Bittan Fine Art) and New York (The Corning Museum of Glass and the Artexpo). Other states include Ohio in 1997 (Owensboro Glass Museum) and Florida at the Glass Museum in Boca Raton.

Jean Claude Novaro’s name is prominent among sporting and cultural activities in France. L’Equippe named the Champion of Champions of 1986 after him. Moreover, the Cannes-Moughins trophy in 2011 was also named after him.