Robotic vacuum cleaners are more and more accessible nowadays. Indeed, these devices have become indispensable gadgets in the home to reduce the time spent on cleaning. But how much do you need to buy a quality model?

What is a vacuum cleaner for?

The vacuum cleaner is a high-performance device whose mission is to clean any type of floor autonomously. It takes the form of a disc with a diameter of 35 cm and a height of 10 cm. Thanks to its small size, it is able to squeeze under the bed and under low furniture. Moreover, it is equipped with rotating brushes that allow it to reach even the most difficult corners. Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners, this model does not have bags, but a plastic tank that should be emptied regularly. The robot vacuum cleaner has at least one standard cleaning mode that allows it to clean the entire accessible surface and a spot mode to clean a specific area. The movement is random and the device is able to bypass obstacles. In order to prevent the device from passing over the same area several times, it is best to choose a model equipped with a camera.

Which vacuum cleaner should I choose?

Not all models are the same. To find the model that best suits your needs, certain criteria should be taken into account. A priori, choose the most useful features. The more there will be, the more expensive the device will be. Then, flee the overly sophisticated models that you cannot use without reading the manual. Instead, opt for an easy-to-use device equipped with a camera that can map the room and clean systematically. In addition, the robot must be able to manage itself without the help of a person. The various sensors are therefore essential: vacuum sensors, obstacle sensors... Finally, to reduce the energy bill, check the energy class. Those belonging to category A are the least energy consuming. In any case, if you have any doubts, don't hesitate to ask a professional for help.

What is the price of a quality model?

The price of the robot vacuum cleaner varies according to the range chosen, the brand and the features. To guarantee you an optimal efficiency of your appliance as well as a better longevity, choose a medium or top-of-the-range robot. These models are more reassuring because they are more reliable even if they require a larger budget. The simplest quality models are available for less than 200 euros. Nevertheless, for an identical model, there may be a more or less important price difference between resellers. To find the best offer, visit the specialized sites and compare the offers. If you are lucky, you may be able to find promotional offers that allow you to buy your equipment at a discount. Yes, discounts, coupon codes and cashbacks will give you access to discounts of up to 20%. In addition, the platforms offer a secure payment method and home delivery. Buying online therefore saves both time and money.