When you want to acquire a designer kitchen credenza, you make a point of honour of quality. An essential point, but one that comes after finding out who it will be destined for. It must be both functional and stick to the image of its owner. But what is a quality credenza? To get to that point, you have to know what it is.

Protective credenza

It is a covering for the space between the sink or worktop and the wall units. It is attached to the wall and is used to protect it from spills during food preparation, splashes or any other liquid coming from the sink. The idea is to simplify cleaning. Since this is its function, the area behind the cooking area also uses it, except that it is no longer a credenza. We're dealing with the bottom of the fume hood, which does the same job, with a slight difference. This one is more exposed to heat and grease projections. Since the credenza is useful and necessary, they have found another role for it. It has become a storage surface to make it pleasant. Practical, this idea makes it possible to have utensils at hand.

Quality credenza

So when you decide to dress this part of the kitchen, it is better to opt for quality. This is based above all on the impact resistance and durability of the material. The granite granite kitchen perfectly meets this criterion. In addition, it inspires a luxurious style with its natural and raw appearance, in a wide range of colours from marbled to spotted or simply plain. It is the embodiment of elegance, but unfortunately, the granite credenza is porous. For a fuller meaning of what a quality credenza is, in addition to being aesthetic and robust, it is easy to maintain. The laminate credenza is reputed to be economical, knows how to harmonize well with the tone given to interiors with the stainless steel, wood, laminate or stone effect. It is easy to clean with a sponge, just like the dimensionally stable and hygienic stainless steel or designer glass.

Credenza in its own image

In principle, a kitchen is the room where you simmer, bake, cook, in short, where you prepare the meal. However, because we use it frequently because we cook a lot, the stains and traces left by the various splashes are numerous. An easy-care and resistant credenza is better suited for this room when you are passionate about cooking. The stainless steel one undeniably corresponds to these characteristics in addition to its modern look. The one in stone, including granite is also perfect if you can afford it. For a designer kitchen credenza, the tiled model promises a guaranteed effect. If, on the other hand, you want to emphasise the decorative aspect, the worktop merged with the credenza lends itself to this, whether it is made of wood, resin, quartz or waxed concrete. The patterned credenza is also very decorative.