Do you want to have a suitable storage space for your clothes, but still hesitate between a custom-made dressing room and a large closet? Take stock of the different advantages of each storage solution to help you make your choice more easily.

The custom-made wardrobe: undeniable advantages

The advantages of a custom-made dressing room are numerous. This piece of furniture is designed to adapt to any interior. You can therefore customize it as you wish and make it as functional as possible. If you have lost space in your home, such as a storage room, a large under-slope space or a well-ventilated attic that is of no use to you, why not transform it into a custom-made dressing room for your belongings? The latter will allow you to store everything you need to get dressed in the morning in one place: clothes, shoes and fashion accessories. Better yet, it will keep your house tidy. In a walk-in closet, you can have drawers, shelves, hangers, etc. installed. If you still have a little space, you can even install a large mirror.

XXL cupboard: the ally of small spaces

If your belongings tend to be scattered all over the house when you only have a small space, then the XXL closet will be your best ally. Unlike a walk-in closet, however, the closet usually has only shelves and a few drawers. However, with an XXL model, it will also be possible to hang hang hangers on it. You should also bear in mind that having a cupboard installed will always be cheaper than a custom-made dressing room. In order to take full advantage of this furniture, you will need to dedicate a special place for each of your belongings. For example, avoid storing clothes and underwear in the same drawer, as you may find it difficult to find your way around later. To save time when getting dressed, why not indicate the contents of each drawer with a small drawing or sign.

Custom-made wardrobe or XXL cupboard?

Generally speaking, the choice between a custom-made dressing room and a cupboard will largely depend on the space you have at home. The walk-in wardrobe will be much better in a large house, it will serve to populate the space even more, while the cupboard will find its place in a small space. The latter is also more affordable. Depending on your needs, you can decorate it with a sliding, folding or swinging door to optimize the space even more. You can also hang a large mirror on your closet door. As for the dressing room, it is much more aesthetic than a cupboard, and can be declined in an infinite number of variations, according to your tastes. It will be very practical for you to tidy up your things and will make your daily life even easier. The installation of a made-to-measure wardrobe is more expensive, but is nevertheless an interesting investment. The choice between an XXL cupboard and a custom-made dressing room is therefore more a question of space, budget and taste.